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About Papilio Prints

We chose the word “Papilio” which means butterfly in Latin because we believe butterflies resemble the beauty of the human imagination with their uniqueness in shape and color. Enjoying the view of butterflies, we were inspired to create a venue to help others showcase their unique styles and imaginative visions. Papilio Prints wants to be a part of the metamorphosis of your design ideas and help you bring those ideas and visions into brilliant realities The colors of a butterfly arise from thousands of tiny scales, delicately arranged in rows that when viewed from afar, form a beautiful unique pattern, it is with the same detailed precision that our fabric printing technology transforms your original designs into a vividly-colored custom fabric. The unmatched quality in output allows us to make so many customers happy, and that’s what truly drives us. Your imagination becomes our inspiration.

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Clients Testimonial

  • After trying out 4 different companies I finally found this website. Wish I found you guys earlier. Papilio prints was a pleasure to work with and my graphic came out just the way I wanted.
  • Ordered all the fabric for my nursery from papilio prints. I loved working with them and the job they did was exceptional. This is my second order.
  • My designs look great on spandex!
  • I would give them 10 stars if possible! I compared my print with few other websites and this one was the best so far. Very happy to have found this website.
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